The Islamists haven't gone out of business

Thinking of traveling to London for next summer's Olympics? You'd better consider the possibility of being murdered or maimed by terrorists acting in the name of Islam if you are.

The Secretary of Defence in the United Kingdom just announced that surface to air missiles will likely be in place during the Games to help protect them from attacks by terrorists. Since surface to air missiles can only be used against airplanes or other missiles the people in charge of security are obviously concerned about the possibility of attack from the air. Flying a plane loaded with explosives into a packed Olympic Stadium or firing a missile at some other crowded venue are things terrorists acting in the name of Islam would definitely have the desire, mentality and wherewithal to do and security officials are worried about events like this taking place, with good reason all things considered.

You should be too. Even though the security operation at the London Olympics will be massive there is a very real possibility that people will be murdered or maimed in terrorist attacks by Islamists, either at the Games themselves or in other crowded areas of the city... public squares or shopping streets or restaurants or buses or subways for example.  Islamic terrorism is a large and growing problem in the United Kingdom and there is no shortage of Islamists there who are willing and able to carry out such atrocities.  There is also no shortage of Islamists from around the world who are willing and able do the same.  Terrorist attacks of one kind or another by Islamists against civilians will almost assuredly take place in spite of the massive security operation and anyone visiting London during the Games has to be keenly aware of this.

Speaking of murdering and maiming civilians with missiles, the Government of Israel just announced that all Israeli passenger planes will be fitted with enhanced missile defense systems to protect them against advanced Russian made anti-aircraft missiles looted from Gaddafi's armed forces in Libya which have wound up in the hands of Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. Palestinian terrorists have tried to bring down Israeli passenger planes with missiles in the past and there is a real fear in Israel that they will try and do so again with the advanced weapons they now have at their disposal.

That's passenger planes. Not military aircraft, passenger planes. That's civilians. Not military personnel, civilians.