The incoherent, condescending occupiers

A Chicago occupier perfectly summarized the movement's contradictory philosophy and self centeredness when justifying her willingness to be arrested for blocking an important artery in downtown Chicago at the height of the rush hour thereby inconveniencing workers. 
Asked why she did it, the 31 year old female condescendingly replied  
"so that other people in Chicago see that we're not afraid to stand up for ourselves and our rights, and they can also do the same."

"We hope it inspires other people to stand up for themselves,"

How imposing hardships on workers trying to get home after a long day at work translates into the ability "to stand up for ourselves and rights" and "inspires other people" to do the same is not explained. Did it ever occur to the spoiled adult brat to be inspired by working people taking care of themselves, standing up for themselves and their rights by well...working and trying to get home safely and easily? Apparently not as she was part of the mooching, mindless herd of

Stand Up Chicago, a coalition of people from labor unions and community groups. She and most of the other people who were cited wore bright blue jackets with the words "JOBS NOT CUTS" printed in white on the back.

Uh, Stand Up Chicago, the people standing up all by themselves have jobs, jobs that just might be cut as major employers flee the highly taxed city while smaller employers such as restaurants and clothing stores lose money and cut employment because of the occupiers' destruction.    

Disrupting people and being escorted by Chicago police pulled from fighting crime in other districts and whose overtime will be paid for by Chicago's overtaxed citizens does NOT provide jobs, no matter what the matching jackets, provided free by others, proclaim. 

The protesters chanted "We are the 99 percent" and "Whose streets? Our streets,"

No, the less than one per cent who are occupiers, they are not your streets, they are everyone's streets.  Mine too.  You see, I'm standing up for myself against selfish, useful idiots such as yourselves.