The Baehr Essentials

1. Jason Gay, who writes about sports with a comic touch for the Wall Street Journal, has an article today on the 32 rules for Thanksgiving Day touch football games.  My favorite is #12.

2. The Obama administration took a pass during the Iranian "green revolution" in mid 2009, not wanting to risk the failure of its engagement initiative with the mullahs (that initiative does not appear to have worked out too well). 

Matthew Brodsky argues Syria is another chance to take sides and do some good. The Syrian army has switched sides. Lee Smith predicts the regime will collapse.

3. My latest article from Israel Hayom on Iran creating timing problems for Barack Obama

4. Some stories are so patently ridiculous, they need to be sent on. A New Jersey couple who favor the use of the names of former Nazi officials or Nazi symbols for their children, have lost custody of their 4th child, whom they named Adolf Hitler  Would the state also take away their "Kitlers"?

5. An Israeli writer compares Obama's Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah messages. There is something here if you dig a little

6. A group calling themselves "patriotic millionaires", who want higher tax rates for the wealthy, are given a chance to show some leadership on the issue and to make a voluntary contribution to the U.S. Treasury, as allowed by law. They all refuse. This is pretty funny, if you like seeing hypocrisy on display.

Michael Barone reviews the collapse of the super-committee (too much kryptonite in the room?) but notes that Republicans offered new revenues (the word the Democrats use to describe higher taxes) that would have exclusively hit higher income Americans.  Of course, the Democrats who wanted failure so Obama could run against a do nothing Congress,  rejected the GOP proposal, and offered nothing in the way of compromise.

Robert Samuelson on the same topic. 

7. Walter Russell Mead on the beginning of the backlash against generational wealth transfers and the boomer generation.  Nothing against anyone named Esiason, of course.  

8. It appears that the PA has sacrificed Salam Fayyad to make a deal with Hamas. So much for the new businesslike Palestinian Authority.

 9. Here is one I missed from a while back - how the mainstream media work to spread the messages of hatred of Israel and anti -Semitism. It looks like the media titans believe it sells.