So, Obama did listen to his pastor

While so called investigative reporters and other self righteous gotcha media types are busy investigating alleged old flames and other women from Bill Clinton's (D) er...Herman Cain's (R) past and harassing Sarah Palin (R) by peering in her window and illegally accessing her e mail, bits and pieces of President Barack Obama's (D) submerged earlier life float to the surface, totally ignored.

In the latest, the Daily Caller has discovered Obama acknowledging way back in 2006, that he 'stole' book title 'Audacity of Hope' from Rev. Wright, 'my pastor."

But, but...Obama claims he slept through his pastor's sermons for all the 20 or so years he attended Wright's church, managing to stay awake just long enough for his pastor to wed him to Michelle while snoozing through Wright's hate filled harangues.

Hey investigative reporters from the National Enquirer, while not as sexy as chasing down John Edwards' paramour, enquire about this.