Role playing 'America'

OK, here are the rules. Some of you have forgotten or never read them in the first place, and some of you need a refresher. So here they are again:

Certain Judaeo-Christian concepts and limitations apply.*

* (You are not called upon to believe these concepts, only to adhere to them while playing the game. The game does not work without these concepts.)

All men have a few inalienable rights. These include liberty of conscience and of action, because men are designed that way by their Creator (and are even free to disobey Him). And they are free to work out their own destines for their own betterment, as they see fit. (In the quaint language of the rules, this is called "pursuit of happiness".)

A government may attempt reforms for the betterment of all, but may not in the process make these rights conditional; nor may it reduce the infinite value of every individual (made in the image of God) by consigning him to be part of a herd, and subject to the destiny of a herd.

(This means that if the Supreme Court says that the government has "a compelling interest" in discriminating against you because you are part of a certain group and not part of another group, it has erred, because a) your individual value has been disrespected; and b) your "inalienable" rights have just been made "conditional" -- subject to the politics of the day.)

If charged with a crime you are to be considered innocent unless the government can prove otherwise to a reasonable degree of certainty. You cannot be considered guilty merely because you belong to an unpopular group; or are a member of a group from which the government wishes to make an example. Condemning an innocent man for a crime the government knows he did not commit, in order to facilitate a "compelling government interest", is itself a crime -- not only against the individual involved, but against his very Creator, who made him as an individual. (God did not make herds.)

Government has neither the the duty nor the ability to create a perfect state. We are not in Eden anymore and cannot be returned there at bayonet point. Attempting to force everyone to "be good" (with whatever vision of social perfection that entails) is contrary to the rights cited above (the right to be free in conscience and actions) and assumes for the government the authority to contradict God -- to overrule His design that men are made free, and are permitted to err.

Men shall not be punished for thinking in a manner other than the one prescribed by the government. If a man thinks a government policy is wrong and the government insists it is right, that man shall nevertheless have an absolute right to his own opinion, and not be penalized. Neither is he to be instructed by the state in how he is wrong. The state may not attempt to re-educate a man to suit its own philosophical interpretations, because this infringes on his free conscience and the design with which he was created. (See above.)

No man shall be identified by the government for purposes of law by anything other than his own individual personhood. He is not to be classified as part of a class, gender, school, pride, flock, caste, or gang. There is to be no Periodic Table of Ethnicities describing which fraction of each group can have which portion of rights, or how these groups may interact. Every man is a universe entire unto himself, and the government shall respect this God-given design.

All right? Then start playing, enjoy, and remember: respect your fellow players.

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