Occupy LA finally dismantled

They were supposed to be evicted early Monday morning, but weren't. Then they were scattered by police, but came back to occupy the same ground again.

After dithering for 24 hours, city officials finally moved int and cleared out the Occupy LA encampment once and for all - it is hoped.

Why? It must have been quite a scene - like something out of a science fiction movie. From Reuters:

Police in riot gear and biohazard suits removed anti-Wall Street activists from an encampment outside the Los Angeles City Hall on Wednesday, arresting an estimated 200 people.

"Bio-hazard suits?" Almost like they were rousting aliens from their landing spot. Considering their goofiness, one might legitimately question the home planet of some of the OWS crowd.

Busloads of police closed in on the 8-week-old Occupy LA camp after midnight and declared the hundreds of protesters congregated on the lawn, sidewalks and streets around City Hall to be an unlawful assembly, ordering them to disperse or face arrest, in line with an eviction order from the mayor.

The Los Angeles encampment, which officials had tolerated for weeks even as other cities moved in to clear out similar compounds, was among the largest on the West Coast aligned with a 2-month-old Occupy Wall Street movement against economic inequality and alleged excesses of the U.S. financial system.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa had originally welcomed the protesters, even supplying them with ponchos for inclement weather. But as city officials complained of crime, sanitation problems and property damage they blamed on the camp, the mayor decided the group had to go.

Well, who else were they going to blame it on? And as far as sanitation, there's this:

Police Lieutenant Andy Neiman said before the operation that some protesters had been reported to be storing human waste at the site for unknown reasons. He later said police entering the camp encountered "a horrible stench." The grounds were strewn with collapsed tents, trash and other debris.

And these people believe they deserved special treatment for their protest when their ignorance and stupidity created an encampment where disease could easily have spread to the rest of the city?

Selfish, arrogant, naive, and ignorant. As far as intelligence, they're at the very low end of the 99%.

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