Occupy DC protestors throw 78 year old woman down the stairs

"Death to capitalism!" "Death to the police!"

"Death to 78 year old innocent women!" Ooops - how did that get in there?


We posted video last night in which degenerates from Occupy D.C. stormed the Washington Convention Center where Americans For Prosperity was holding a dinner. In the course of their riot, the Occupiers attacked a 78-year-old woman who had been attending the dinner, and pushed her down a flight of stairs. You see her at around the 3:20 mark of this video, shot by the Daily Caller.


She rode from Detroit for 11 hours because AFP is a genuine grass-roots movement, unlike the Occupiers and their sugar daddies. But that is a relatively minor point. The Occupier movement stands for riot, assault, rape, vandalism, sexual harassment, public urination, public defecation and public masturbation. And Barack Obama owns it lock, stock and barrel. He has endorsed the Occupiers and never uttered a single word to distance himself from them. Their disgusting behavior should be hung around his neck like an anvil when he runs for reelection next year.

This is critcal. Not just Obama, but the entire Democratic party have embraced these loonies, anarchists, revolutionaries, and ignorant college kids who don't know any better. The reason, I think, that the GOP hasn't tried very hard to tie the two together is that the fawning coverage in the press leaves out little details like the attack above. So far, the press has been successful in mainstreaming the Occupy movement into a protest against "greed," Wall Street, and the rich. What the protestors intend to do to change all of that doesn't seem to make it into the newscasts or newspapers that are printing this slop.

The press also uses phrases like "mostly peaceful" to describe the violence at Occupy sites around the country - specifically the Oakland riot - which actually started during the "peaceful" march to the port in late afternoon. I guess breaking dozens of windows, trashing private property with grafitti, and menacing innocent bystanders as the Oakland protestors did on their way to their "peaceful" protest at the port just doesn't rate a mention. Nor did the menacing mob who threw rocks and stones at police, stopped trucks from going in and out of the port while holding the drivers hostage, and threatening violence to the point that the port authorities feared for the lives of workes and shut the facility down, constitute "violence" in the eyes of the press.

But this is going to change as the Occupy protests become more violent and the real leaders of this movement are exposed - radical anarchists, leftists, communists, and their fellow travelers.

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