Obama Got 2.1 Trillion and All We Got Was this Stupid Supercommittee

Let's see if we have this straight; Obama wanted 2.1 trillion to blow through the 2012 election.  In return Obama promised not to default on our loans, cut off Social Security payments, or cut funding for our military with our troops in hot places.  (And we silly taxpayers thought extortion was some sort of crime!)  Do we taxpayers have a "claw back" provision on this con job? In typical Popeye fashion a wimpy Obama gladly promised to pay us Tuesday for a hamburger today.  What did Obama promise us?  Was it "Pay-Go?"  Was it an interest bearing loan?  No.  All Obama promised us in return for 2.1 trillion bucks to burn through this year was to cut government spending by the same amount over 10 years.  The audacity to break an unprecedented 2.1 trillion dollar deal with the American people in a matter of months simply steals one's faith in the Presidency, does it not?  Who does Obama think he is...John Corzine? Obama got his money to...(Read Full Post)