Obama And His Band of Cowards

These guys are amazing. They chicken out on everything important and blame the GOP.

My wife and I just got back from a vacation. I was hoping to play golf, and she had projects she was interested in tackling. Instead, I took care of business, and she paid the bills. That's what you should do: Take care of things that are necessary and are required, and get to the fun stuff later. Right? Isn't that the way you do it?

Apparently not if you are President Obama and his merry band of Democrats. They had two years of complete Federal control, including a 60-seat, filibuster-proof Senate, to do whatever they wanted.

Did they present a budget? Nope. Budgets are a primary function of government -- but not fun or showy. In fact, budgets only upset people if there is any hardship and somebody loses. Since Democrats can't make hard choices, they kicked the proverbial can down the road.

They showed their cowardice right there. They could have passed the tax increases they so eloquently call for now. But then they would have had to own them, and when the economy shrank, they would have been held responsible.

And they could have made spending cuts. They say they want cuts, but we all know that's a joke. Since the majority of beneficiaries of government spending are constituents of the Democratic Party, cutting spending goes against their grain. Being the party that likes to portray itself on the side of the people, any cuts are just simply out of the question (other than defense, of course, because people and countries hating America are merely figments of imagination in the minds of Republicans)

So what do you do? Nothing. Just wait a few years and blame the GOP.

Did they do anything to reduce the national debt? Nah. They made a phony attempt with health care. But only the most bald-faced non-truth tellers can look you in the eye and believe ObamaCare will cut medical spending and reduce the debt. That was true then, and it is true now. I mean, really. Dropping costs by adding 35M+ non-paying people to a health care system? Especially when you set up a system that:

-Allows and encourages people to drop out of medical insurance plans they are now taking part in and then buy insurance if and when they need it. The penalty of $750 for not having health insurance is so far below the price of insurance premiums that younger and healthier people would be foolish to participate;

-Requires insurance companies to pay for pre-existing conditions; and

-Does not allow insurance companies to deny coverage for virtually any reason.

Nope. That did nothing about the deficit -- except add to it.

How about creating jobs? Again, a big zero. Okay, they say they created or saved 3.5M jobs. It is probably indisputable that some jobs were created or saved. I mean, you can't spend $800B without somebody getting some money. Let's see, if it actually were true that 3.5M jobs were created, simple calculation, $800,000,000,000 divided by 3,500,000 equals... Oh! $228,571 per job! Nice! I want one of those jobs! Oh -- we have to pay it back? And now the jobs are gone?

Hope and Change? Hope's gone, but there has been plenty of change. Unfortunately, none of it is good.

The summary is really short and simple. The Dems had two years to do anything they wanted and instead of doing what they were supposed to do, they managed only to pass extremely costly, stupid and unpopular health care legislation, and financial reform bills that are stifling the economy -- all the while blaming the GOP for their lack of accomplishment.

Democrats are the worst kind of coward, and Obama represents them perfectly. He does nothing constructive and blames someone else. Even tsunamis.