Michelle Obama thinks M&Ms are the key to fighting obesity

This Fox News headline says it all.

Mrs. Obama Preaches Against Childhood Obesity, Then Gives Kids M&Ms

In Hawaii with her husband for the Asia Pacific conference, Michelle Obama

was given a tour of the 25-acre MA'O Organic Farm on Oahu and recognized it as a working model of combatting obesity. The farm includes a youth training program involving both high school and college-age farmers.

Speaking to the non obese future farmers, Obama praised herself, putting in a plug for her much publicized White House garden. 

"One of the primary reasons we planted the garden was as a form of education. Our goal is to eliminate childhood obesity in a generation."  (snip)

Mrs. Obama also talked about the importance of encouraging young children to explore a wide-range of tastes -- and had a conversation with one student who shared her affinity for arugula.

Just like she does.  As a matter of fact, she informed the students, these are her favorite foods.

 Arugula and steak, I like it a lot. (Laughter.) That's good stuff.

And all readily available in "under-served communities."

After that inspiring nutritional and economic discussion with students, practicing what she preached

the Obamafoodorama Blog reported that the young farmers were presented boxes of President M&Ms.

And by the way Michelle Obama, here are the two main reasons  "some people are growing up without vegetables"; they're not the reasons you say but they're easily correctable if people--not governments--take responsibility for the foods they buy, prepare and eat. 

1) students in certain neighborhoods are growing up without vegetables and other nutritious foods because

  (a) their parents--aren't buying them  

  (b) students don't eat the "free" fruits and vegetables readily available in their subsidized school lunches.  

2) those communities are "under-served" with grocery stores,  food "desserts"  you've been calling them, because well...one reason is the high crime rate  inhibiting those Wall Street types who place profits before people from opening stores. 

The following is just a small sample of  deadly incidents occurring in and around neighborhood food stores in food desserts, within several miles of the Obamas' Chicago residence, in the past few weeks.  Robberies and other criminal events are so routine they don't make the headlines. 

Security guard shot and killed in South Side Aldi robbery 

Mother, two others killed while picking up toddler's  birthday cake 

Three denied bail in grocery store shootout that left 4 dead, 2 injured 

Yeah, I know Michelle, mentioning these inconvenient facts would silence your basic narrative and destroy your core identity: helpless people suffering until you and your government cronies save them at great personal sacrifice.  Giving people control of and responsibility for their own lives instead of treating them as passive beings, dependent on others would reveal the hollowness of your purpose as you enrich yourselves while expanding your power.   

Go eat some M&Ms.  They're healthy. 

"If we teach young people early about how to eat and we give them a connection to the food they eat ... that opens up a broader conversation about health and movement, but also deeper issues like access and affordability," Obama said. "In our under-served communities, people are growing up without vegetables because people don't have grocery stores. You are growing up eating vegetables and liking them."