I Like Mark Block and We'd be a Better Country If More of Us Smoked

I stopped smoking years ago but Mark Block has reminded me about how great it felt to smoke after a big meal, and to stand at a bar and drink and inhale for hours on end. Mark Block is the coolest guy I've seen in politics in years.  And his client is pretty cool too.

Block has made me sentimental for the camaraderie among smokers where any stranger was willing to provide a cigarette to anyone who asked (without regard to sex, race, sexual orientation or county of origin).  That camaraderie seems even more intense these days with smokers relegated to dark, frigid corner outposts circling around an upright ashtray like 1930's hobos cooking beans around a campfire.

Lighting a cigarette for a woman was an ice breaker that no teenager could be without, and when on the rarest of occasions, a woman decided to light yours, the moment was almost rapturous.

Millions of GI's, a Lucky or Camel dangling from their lips, killed and were killed so that baby boomers could inherit the 20th century and go on to produce non-smoking, bongo-beating Occupy Wall Street narcissists. I know which generation, and which habits I prefer.

As for all of those supposedly intolerable health burdens placed on society by the smoker, living long self-absorbed lives into our 80's and 90's as we boomers suck the next generation dry is not too pleasant an inheritance either.

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