How I Fell out of Love with Islam

Believe it or not I considered becoming a Moslem before 9-11.  I was in a federal joint for two years for tax evasion.  I used to attend Black Moslem classes.  There was wisdom and a calm demeanor to the Moslems. 

I liked them back in the 90's. They seemed pacific rather than hostile.  The same way Osama bin Laden appeared wisely peaceful as he walked around the mountains of Tora Bora with his wooden staff.

The real reason I was attending Moslem religious classes in jail was to get out of my landscaping job.  The landscaping department let you go at noon if you attended services.   Jail was religion crazy.  The warden thought that religion made you a good person.

The blacks in the classes didn't even realize that Moslems were the biggest slave traders.  They were so anxious to rebel against Christianity that they would adopt any religion, regardless of its toleration of slavery of black Africans.

Since the nineties, Moslems have let their putatively peaceful image break into jagged edges.

This is not to say that all Moslems are bad.  I am not that simple-minded.  But the self-propaganda of jihad and their love of bin Laden have made enough of them bad to endanger the world.  In order to preserve themselves the majority must turn against their negative image and move from hatred towards love.  If I were a Moslem, I would denounce the jihadists and try to recapture our reputation and former glory.  I would not let Osama ruin the reputations of over a billion people. I put my hand on my ear and listen for the sighs of Arabs renouncing their religious murder.  I hear nothing but the wind in the graveyard.

When I moved from landscaping to dishwashing in the kitchen, I quickly quit Moslem services.  My religiosity was contingent upon my getting out of my landscaping job.  Still I hold a fond place in my heart for Moslems before they undid their reputations on 9/11.  I wanted to return to a time before the suicidal Moslems spread their brush of violence across the more peaceful Moslems and made all of them seem violent.

When the Arabs in New Jersey jumped up and down with joy in the hills overlooking the Trade Towers I turned against the Moslems.  Any religion that would celebrate the death of innocent office workers jumping from over eighty stories is not for me.  I will never get over the Palestinian fathers who sold their sons as suicide bombers to Saddam Hussein.  I can't think of any other group in history that sold its own children to death. It is one thing to argue religious or political positions.  It is another to brutally murder clerks.

The Moslems need a new great leader.  Someone to erase the violent image of Osama bin Laden.  He has thrown his decent people into the gutter with his jihadist fanaticism.  Until his memory is expunged I will never attend another Moslem class.

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