Hilarious confrontation between Occupy Denver and BlogCon 2011

Kurt Schlichter at Big Government has a nice write up of the one sided confrontation between the mostly unwashed occupiers and attendees of a conference for conservative bloggers:

Not to paint a couple of botched protests as the Battle of Stalingrad, but when these idiots rushed into the midst of the assembled conservative new media folks gathered at BlogCon 2011, it was about the first time anyone ever took these cretins on en masse.

They ran into an impenetrable wall of mockery, and they had no clue what to do.  They folded like a house of stinky cards.

The foundation of the success of the Occupiers is the tacit agreement by the elite to treat them with respect, to take their incoherent assemblage of bad ideas seriously, and to ignore the fact that the emperor's new clothes are dirty, clichéd and have Che's mug emblazoned on them.

The BlogCon folks didn't.

They did not play along.  They showed no respect.  Instead, they went on the offense, kept on the offense, and turned the Occupiers' strengths against them.  It was awesome.

Round one started at about 2:00 pm when several walked into the hotel lobby and tried to crash the meeting room.  But it didn't quite go as they thought it would.  The losers suddenly found themselves surrounded by a horde of eager conservatives with flip cams immortalizing the happening.

Yeah, invade a conservative bloggers' convention.  Good plan.

There was some shouting and some pushing - a hefty, troll-like woman shoved the very buff Steven Crowder.  He was quite patient with her, which was wise since she had weight on him.  Stephen Kruiser, John Nolte, Dana Loesch and her husband Chris were right in the middle of the fun too, ladling out heaping helpings of mockery.  The bad guys were stunned; no one has ever before told them that they are idiots to their faces.

This is what happens when you have a generation that got trophies for losing.

If the occupier's goal was to tick the conservatives off enough that fights would break out, they were disappointed. Instead, a healthy dose of mockery unsettled them and caused them to flee.

Read the whole article for some amusing anecdotes.

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