For New Obama Nominee, Rationing Health Care Takes On Whole New Meaning

Besides rewarding donors with taxpayer money for the last three years, Obama keeps nominating radical policy experts who make the old Soviet Union's Public Health Commissars seem almost moderate by comparison. The President just nominated Carter-era economist Henry Aaron to become a member of the Social Security Advisory Board. Over the last four decades Aaron has written extensively on the inevitability of healthcare rationing. Much like Dr. Donald Berwick, outgoing chief of Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS), Aaron cites the British National Health Service as a model that "sharply delineates the kinds of choices we shall have to make." In a 1990 article for Science magazine entitled "Rationing Health Care: The Choice Before Us," Obama's newest nominee stated good old American ingenuity is responsible for out-of-control medical care costs. The flow of technological innovation shows little sign of abating, therefore the U.S. will have to ration care to slow the growth of health...(Read Full Post)