Explosive Email in Fast and Furious

Another potentially explosive, but as yet unconfirmed, Fast and Furious email surfaced on November 15. It was written two days after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's murder in Peck Canyon on the night of December 14, 2010.

The email forwarded by Assistant Special Agent in Charge Charlie Smith of the ATF Dallas Field Division to senior ATF supervisor at the Phoenix ATF Field Division, Jim Needles, allegedly came from Glenn Cook, Deputy Chief of the Special Prosecutions unit of the Criminal Division, Department of Justice, in Houston.

Sometime before Terry's murder, ATF agents in El Paso, "Glenn Cook's part of the world" according to Mike Vanderboegh at sipseystreetirregulars, seized a number of guns later traced to Operation Fast and Furious being run out of the Phoenix office. ATF agents David Voth and Hope MacAllister of the Phoenix program refused to share information with the Texas agents.

Enter Glenn Cook, who sent ATF's Charlie Smith a simple, brief, no holds barred email threatening grand jury subpoenas for Voth and MacAllister. The email showed Cook had enough knowledge of Fast and Furious and Terry's murder to mean business.

From: Cook, Glen W.
Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 2:14 PM
To: Smith, Charles E.
Cc: Cook, Glen W.


I advised AUSA Russ Leachman through SAs Steve Hall and Curtis Williams to provide me with a Grand Jury Subpoena for RAC David Roth and Holly in Phoenix to obtain the required evidence needed in our investigation here. AUSA Leachmnan has now advised the AUSA in Phoenix that the ATF agents here need access to the case in Phoenix since the ATF Phoenix office refuses to provide us with the evidence.

I wish that Leachman would have given those subpoenas to me but if the AUSA in Phoenix refuses to comply then maybe Phoenix should start preparing their explanations for the way that they conducted their straw purchase cases there. They should probably hire a media expert anyway to assist them in explaining the 2000 firearms and the possible connection in the murder of the Border Patrol Agent.



Smith was concerned enough to forward Cook's email straight to Jim Needles, the ATF Phoenix supervisor in charge of agents Voth and MacAllister. Cook's warning that "Phoenix should start preparing their explanations...about their straw purchases," his knowledge of "2000 weapons" and Agent's Terry's death can only mean a lot of people knew about Fast and Furious way before Mr. and Mrs. Terry buried their son.

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