Elizabeth Warren not as dumb as she looks

Now that Warren is running for senate in Massachusetts, she apparently doesn't want to claim that she "laid the intellectual groundwork" for the OWS movement. Warren has refused to sign a petition in support of Occupy Harvard.

Boston Herald:

U.S. Senate hopeful and Harvard Law prof Elizabeth Warren, who has claimed she laid the "intellectual foundation" for the Occupy Wall Street movement, is jilting the anti-corporate proteges in her own Ivy League yard, refusing to sign a petition in support of Occupy Harvard.

Warren, who declined to speak to the Herald, is focused on her campaign, said spokesman Kyle Sullivan.

"Elizabeth hasn't signed the petition, but she's been standing up to Wall Street and the big banks for years and that's what she'll do in the Senate," said Sullivan in a statement. "People are frustrated and protesting for change, Elizabeth understands that."

The move distances Warren from an organization that is losing public support, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released yesterday. It also has made her a target of the Karl Rove-backed Crossroads GPS political organization, which unleashed a negative ad last week blasting her for supporting radicals over jobs. Warren backed off her "intellectual foundation" claim a day after making it, saying she doesn't support all Occupy actions but stressing that she's been fighting Wall Street for years. But Warren supports the movement so long as they follow the law, Sullivan said.

Occupy Harvard members were unwilling to criticize Warren yesterday.

When it would hurt a liberal candidate in Massachusetts to be seen as tied to the OWS movement, you know the extremists are fast losing support in the Democratic party.

And it is also predictable that the loonies would be "unwilling to criticize" Warren even though she's thrown them under the bus. They know where her radical heart truly lies so they're not worried that for the sake of political expediency, she turns her back on them - for the moment.

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