Dems sabotaged deficit panel for this?

Making a case that the Democrats deliberately sabotaged the Supercommittee gets a lot easier when you read stuff like this.

The Hill:

After failing to reach a deal to reduce the deficit, the Senate will move next month to take up legislation that could add more than $400 billion to the deficit.

All of the proposals, such as the extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance, are popular but there's no agreement on how to pay for them.

Senate Democrats will go on offense next week by forcing Republicans to vote on extending and expanding the payroll tax cut, which accounts for $240 billion of the tab, according to Democratic and Republican aides. Lawmakers will take up the legislation after completing work on the Defense authorization bill.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has yet to announce an offset for the measure but he has discussed matching it with a tax increase for millionaires. Such a vote would be intended to hammer home the message that Republicans are out to protect the rich, though it leaves Democrats vulnerable to arguments about class warfare.

It is the opening maneuver in what will be a busy month that will likely keep lawmakers in Washington up until Christmas.

When are voters going to wake up to the fact that the Democrats simply don't want to cut spending - at all -- and would prefer to massively increase spending instead? They don't believe that trillion dollar deficits are much of a problem. and only give lip service to cutting the budget because it is poilitically advantageous to do so.

They believe the deficit will come down on its own when revenues increase as the economy recovers. Of course, projections are that this won't happen for another 5-7 years at the current rate of growth and by then, the liberals will have spent us into default.

The idea that congress couldn't find $1.2 trillion dollars to cut from a budgetary total of at least $40 trillion over the next ten years without raising taxes is mindboggling. The Democrat's plan to spend $400 billion as if there is no problem with the debt, deficit, or out of control big government shows how completely unserious they are in wanting to face up to the number one issue of the times.