Curious timing of the charges against Herman Cain

Why is it that Herman Cain ran into complaints about his behavior with women only after he entered the realm of national politics?  Mr. Cain seems to have had a 30 plus year career in various companies and positions with no reputation as a leering, fondling letch.  

Could it be that it isn't the Chicago Democrat machine nor Romney or Perry that initiated the Cain attacks, but a previous machine from DC?

Since the beginning of Cain's media storm a couple of facts have seemed strange.  I wonder if there is an explanation in a direction that I haven't heard people examining.

While in Washington he challenged the sitting President of the United States at a town hall meeting to sell the President's wife's health care reform effort.

Cain's slap down of the President in public is credited for rallying opposition to Hillarycare.

Soon after, women start accusing him of being a sexual predator in Washington.

Then Herman Cain leaves his position at the NRA and lives the next 14 years as he did the first 30 plus of his career without incident.

The Clinton machine is known for hardball, never let a person who dares challenge them go unpunished-style politics.  Was the outbreak of charges against Cain related to his town hall stand, which brought him to national prominence as a foe of Hillarycare?

It wouldn't necessarily mean they knew that he would one day run for President, but just that, in their world, he deserved to be scandalized in his lobbyist role at the NRA and run out of town as payback.

Would that explain Cain's seemingly very brief period of being a sexual predator while living in Bill and Hillary's Washington DC of the 1990s? 

I think that this admittedly baseless theory has more credibility than the many other baseless theories dominating this campaign.

Scott Irwin is an Illinois businesses owner and an ex-patriate Canadian who lived through the Reform Party (Canadian Tea Party) Conservative Party civil war that saved Canada from financial ruin.

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