Cain denies 13 year affair with Atlanta woman

Looks like another "He said she said" situation. There are no tapes or recordings. There is a record of 61 phone calls between a number that a reporter traced back to Cain and the woman, Ginger White.

Cain's claims on the nature of his relationship could be embraced by his supporters:

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that a story would break Monday night in which a woman is "going to accuse me of an affair for an extended period of time."

Cain told CNN, "It is someone that I know, who is an acquaintance who I thought was a friend."

The GOP presidential candidate later elaborated on their relationship, saying she was a "friend, because not having a job, et cetera and this sort of thing." He said it was "premature" to talk about how long he had known the woman, and that his wife had not met her.

Cain didn't offer other information, explaining, "I don't want to specify because I don't know what's in the story ... We will address these when they come out, but at this point, I just wanted to give you a heads up. I don't have anything to hide and we will address the details as we know them."

Once the story broke Cain said, his attorney, L. Lin Wood, would respond.

For those not supporting Cain, I doubt whether his explanation will satisfy.

Cain's candidacy was already dead in the water. These revelations certainly won't help reignite his campaign any time soon.