Barack Obama has a boyhood friend!

Tuesday's American Thinker featured a blog Item by Rick Moran in which the writer commented on the "unseemliness" of the president golfing with Robert "Bobby" Titcomb, "a boyhood friend" who had recently pleaded No Contest to a charge of Soliciting a Prostitute.

For me, the significance of this story was not the president's questionable regard for decorum, but the fact that Barack Obama actually has a "boyhood friend."  Ever since he appeared on the political scene, there seems to have been a dearth of anyone claiming to have known him "back when."  One would think such people would be coming out of the woodwork.

Have we ever heard from anyone who remembers young Barry from his school days in Jakarta? Or from any of his prep school pals from Honolulu's Punahou School?   Mr. Titcomb was arrested in Honolulu, where he presumably resides, but there was no mention of the manner or venue in which he and Mr. Obama became acquainted. Nor was there any mention of whether the two men ever refer to each other as homeboy or homie.  Perhaps Barry and Bobby were choirboys together?

How about classmates from Obama's days at L.A.'s Occidental College, or from Columbia or Harvard?  If such a person were to come forward, he or she might even shed some light on the mystery of what Obama's grades were.

Particularly noteworthy in the midst of women surfacing to tell tales allegedly from Herman Cain's past, I'm not aware of a solitary woman ever "kissing and telling" about Barack Obama, even if only to say that he was always a perfect gentleman.

Then again, considering that in his "autobiography" Obama admitted to dealing cocaine, you'd think there'd be some lurid tales to be told, especially in light of the way guys with access to cocaine rarely if ever have to do without female companionship. Why has there never been a single "bimbo eruption" from Barack Obama's past?

But No, no old school chums, no old girlfriends, nobody from Obama's youth. Nobody who knew him "before he became famous."  Until now.

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