Ayers right at home addressing OWS Chicago branch

The former terrorist and current revolutionary addressed a "teach in" of protestors recently and preached non violence against a "violent" society.

NBC 5:

During the teach-in, Ayers preached inclusion. When asked if violence was a necessary step to increase the Occupy movement, Ayers tells the listeners violence is not the answer instead protesters should use their brilliance, humor, wisdom and body to "dramatize the violence that exists".

"We do not live in a neutral, non-violent. Not when there is a trillion dollar military budget, the biggest in the world. Not when they are recruiting kids to be in the service. Not when every athletic event begins with guns and marching. That's a violent culture and that is where we live," said Ayers. "A real revolution involves the masses of people transforming themselves and that is going to require a hell of a lot more than your gun against the some other guy's gun."

Ayers continues to say the transformation should happen in the head, heart and on the street. He does question how citizens are to remain non-violent, when the government participates in warfare and military actions.

Ayers also tells protesters what makes "an organizer different from an agitator is to talk with strangers", speaking of communication between the Tea Party and Occupy movements.

Does every athletic event "begin with guns and marching?" Unless Ayers thinks that a tuba is a gun, the answer is no.

But don't bother to correct him. He's on a roll. Exaggeration, hyperbole, and out right lies are part of his shtick. Since the truth is boring, you've got to spice up the narrative in order to make the protestors more heroic. They are battling militarism and warmongering, not futilely flapping their gums at society's producers.

The ex-Weatherman sure looked right at home spouting his idiocies. I bet he missed it.