30,000 young Muslims want to be senseless martyrs

As the Syrian government has brutally slaughtered an estimated 3000 (probably more as Syria is not allowing outside reporters or human rights activists into the country) of its own citizens and cruelly tortured thousands more in a deadly citizen uprising war which shows no signs of ending, what are 30,000 young Syrians and other Muslims  vowing to do?  Hint: not help their increasingly besieged brethren.  

The Iranian Fars News Agency proudly reports       

Thousands of Syrian, Palestinian Youths Ready to Blast Israel

TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of Syrian and Palestinian youths in a petition to Damascus government expressed their readiness to conduct martyrdom-seeking operations inside Israel.

In a petition signed by 30,000 well-trained Palestinian and Syrian youths, they said that they are ready to infiltrate Israel and conduct any type of operation.

This is the classic tactic of oppressive Muslim governments dealing with citizen unhappiness--distract them by blaming all the problems on Israel.  Sadly it is on display again.  And sadly it is still effective.