Where there's smoke there's (Herman Cain on) fire?

Yes, Herman Cain, leading in some polls for the Republican presidential nomination race, is taking some heat for his Internet ad that features his campaign manager taking a puff on a cigarette.  As Rush Limbaugh reported today, the liberal media is stoking the fire on this story, including CNN's John King and MSNBC's Chris Matthews.  They are flabbergasted that a man smoking is in an ad for a candidate running for President. For his part, King called it "reprehensible." Have they forgotten that President Obama is a smoker?

We are waiting for left-leaning celebrities to burn Cain for this as well. But do they really have credibility in this fight?  Here is a list of celebrity smokers with photos.

Pay special attention to Darryl Hannah, Susan Sarandon and Matt Damon, out-spoken supporters of President Cool (KOOL?) are they all.

J. James Estrada's LinkedIn profile can be viewed here.