Wash. Post faults Israel for cross-border violence initiated by Gaza terrorists

Who fired the first shot that provoked the latest flare-up of cross-border fighting between Israel and Gaza terrorists?  It's an important question because the answer goes to the heart of who really is messing up the so-called "peace process" and can't be trusted to carry out its obligations under any potential peace agreement. The Washington Post, in an Oct. 31 article about weekend exchanges of rocket barrages from Gaza and Israeli counter-strikes, puts the onus on Israel for firing the first shot -- the opposite of what really happened. The headline above Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg's account is the first tip-off of the blame-Israel context he and Post editors weave into their coverage.  In extra large type, the headline reads:  "Palestinian dies in border clash."  A sub-head in smaller type follows:  "2 days of fighting have claimed 10 militants and 1 Israeli civilians." Greenberg reports that this was the worst cross-border violence after a...(Read Full Post)