US embassy in Kenya tags 'immiment threat' to Americans

Kenya's pushback against al-Shabbab terrorists in next door Somali has the US embassy worried enough to issue a warning to Americans in that country.


The U.S. embassy in Kenya warned of a threat to American citizens in the country after Nairobi launched a cross-border operation against Islamist militants in Somalia.

The embassy in a note to U.S. citizens living in or visiting Kenya said on Saturday that reprisal attacks could be directed at "prominent Kenyan facilities and areas where foreigners are known to congregate, such as malls and night clubs."

The statement said the embassy had taken measures to limit official U.S. government travel to Kenya.

Kenya launched its boldest incursion yet into its anarchic neighbor six days ago after a wave of kidnappings against foreigners that Nairobi has blamed on the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants.

The rebels have denied responsibility for the kidnappings and said Nairobi was using them as a pretext for an attack.

Intelligence related to the threat came from the Kenyan government. And a disabled woman kidnapped from her beachfront house in Kenya on October 1 has reportedly died in captivity. Her husband was killed in the assault.