Univision makes Sen. Rubio an offer he can't refuse - but did

The Spanish language TV network Univision offered a quid pro quo to Senator Marco Rubio this past summer; if the senator would appear as a guest on one of their shows where immigration would be a main topc, the network would forgo - or soften - an expose on a long ago drug bust of Rubio's brother in law. If that sounds mafia-like in its threatening implications, you'd be right. Miami Herald: On the night of July 5, Rubio received a call from his sister, Barbara Cicilia. She was distraught. A Univision reporter had called her about the arrest and incarceration of her husband, Orlando Cicilia, in the 1987 federal bust called "Operation Cobra." Rubio was 16 at the time. Before Rubio was elected to his first legislative seat, in 2000, Cicilia was cleared for early release. Mrs. Cicilia refused comment. Univision then sent a news truck to sit outside their West Miami home. On July 7, Alex Burgos, Rubio's communications director, and Rubio's political advisor, Todd Harris, held a 45-minute...(Read Full Post)