The Obama Camp is Going to Attempt to Pass Stimulus Junior One Bill at a Time

President Obama is in deep trouble, his approval numbers are at an all time low and his far left base is protesting in the street.  More importantly, the President's latest jobs bill (Stimulus II) is so unpopular that his own party exercised the "nuclear option" in the Senate to prevent any of its members from voting on it.  The American people don't want to throw good money after bad and Congressmen that value their jobs know it. The President's reaction to the sound rejection of his failed policies by the American people is to try and divide and conquer.  By pitting different parts of the electorate against the each other the President hopes to curry favor with enough of the factions to win re-election.  Obama is willing to spend a lots of Federal dollars to woo interest groups.  Even in the face of record deficits, the President and his supporters still wants the Federal Government to spend money it doesn't have on a strategy that's doesn't create jobs...(Read Full Post)