Ten richest celebs supporting OWS have collective net worth over a billion dollars

Celebrity airheads who are supporting the occupiers are feeding Wall Street to the crocodile, forgetting that the beast quickly gets hungry for more. Celebrity Net Worth has a highly amusing article on the subject. The top ten:

#1 Yoko Ono Net Worth - $500 million.

Ono stated "I love 'Occupy Wall Street'! John is sending his smile to 'Occupy Wall Street'. I am sending my love to 'Occupy Wall Street'. We are all working together. "

#2 Russell Simmons Net Worth - $325 million

Keep in mind that on top of being a hip-hop mogul Simmons is the founder of a high fee credit card company called UniRush Financial Services.

#3 Roseanne Barr Net Worth - $80 million

Roseanne thinks anyone with over $100 million should be beheaded. Interesting that her net worth is $80 million. I guess she doesnt make "the cut".

#4 Deepak Chopra Net Worth - $80 million

Chopra said #OWS is turning anger into awareness. The fortune he has made off his fluff filled books has just turned me to anger.

#5 Kanye West Net Worth - $70 million

#6 Alec Baldwin Net Worth - $65 million

#7 Susan Sarandon Net Worth - $50 million

#8 Michael Moore Net Worth - $50 million

#9 Tim Robbins Net Worth - $50 million

#10 Nancy Pelosi Net Worth - $35.5 million

Don't forget that last week Roseanne called for beheading rich people. She should remember Danton's words, "The revolution devours its children."