Somali truck bomb kills 70 as terrorists promise more of the same

If you thought the situation in Somalia couldn't get any worse, I'm afraid you're wrong. After a huge truck bomb killed 70 and wounded 100 yesterday, a spokesman for the AQ affiliated al-Shabbab made it clear that this was just the beginning. AFP: "We are promising that attacks against the enemy will be routine, more in number and will increase day by day," spokesman Ali Mohamud Rage said in speech broadcast Wednesday by the group's radio Al-Andalus. A suicide bomber on Tuesday detonated an explosives-laden truck at a government compound in Mogadishu, unleashing a powerful blast that mowed down dozens and wounded more than 100 others. Witnesses said the devastation was the worst they had ever seen since Somalia plunged into a civil war two decades ago. The Shebab launched a bloody uprising in 2007 against the Western-backed transitional government. It was also the first attack since the insurgents pulled out of Mogadishu in August in a move they said was a change of military...(Read Full Post)