Smoke and Fire: The Herman Cain Ad

The Cain Campaign whipped up a web commercial, which appeared two days ago.  The ad has been attacked and derided, and it has been stated that the candidate has been abused as well, by all the right people:

Cain has all the right people reeling. An elite unable to see its own absurdities declares him "dumb" and "ridiculous."

The smoking 'in your face' ad featuring chief of staff, Mark Block works. It annoys the elites and the pundits who really don't seem to understand how the growing majority of American people really feel. 

The smoking element is brilliant simply because it gets the cauldron of elitist feelings roiling. This is good, and anything which upsets the mindset of MSM--and the left as a whole is even better.   

The economy continues to flat line, foreign policies successes fall into the hands of new Islamic theocracies, seeded in North Africa, by an administration, which appeared to have had no contingency plans for anything.

In coming debates, which can be driven by shallow, vindictive, guest hosts, being that debates can easily morph into bizarre game shows, the big question for Cain will probably be:

"Does your campaign think promoting smoking is appropriate?"

And Herman Cain's answer should be:

            "Where there's smoke, there's fire."