Report: Bachmann NH campaign staff quits; candidate says 'Not True'

A report from the Manchester Union-Leader has the entire paid staff of Michele Bachmann quitting en mass. However, the canddate says she is unaware of anyone quitting and called the report "shocking:" Michele Bachmann's state campaign manager says her entire New Hampshire campaign staff has quit, but Bachmann says "it's certainly not true." A long-time Bachmann friend and supporter today confirmed that he quit last week as the New Hampshire campaign manager for the Minnesota congresswoman's presidential campaign. Jeff Chidester, a well-known conservative activist and radio talk show host, said his departure came as a result of frustration with Bachmann's national campaign, not with the candidate herself. Chidester also confirmed that at least three other staffers _ Tom Lukacz, Nicole Yurek and Caroline Gigler _ have left for the same reason. He said he did not have direct knowledge whether Matt LeDuc has also left, as has been reported. Gigler has signed on with the Rick Perry...(Read Full Post)