Potemkin Occupation

There's apparently less than meets the eye at an OWS occupation in London -- vacant tents masquerading as demonstration participants. The UK Daily Mail headlines:

The thermal images that prove 90% of tents in the Occupy camp in London are left EMPTY overnight
Here is one of their images:

In these shots, taken late on Monday night, the presence of body heat from humans is represented by yellow and red inside the tents. 

The tents that are coloured purple indicate they are colder and thus empty. The buildings behind are also yellow and red because of the higher temperatures inside.

The images suggest the vast majority of the demonstrators who gather around the cathedral to denounce capitalism during the day go home or to a hotel to stay warm at night.

But despite being an almost entirely part time protest, the activists last week forced St Paul's to shut for the first time since the Blitz, and the cathedral appears unlikely to reopen for months.

The number of people in daytime versus nighttime suggests that many occupiers are occupying hotels and apartments, staying cozy.

I wonder how many tents at the Wall Street site are empty at night?

Hat tip: The Blaze

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