Occupy Highlights

The vision for OWS has crystallized, synthesized, and otherwise materialized. In a nutshell, the participants are angry. At everything (but especially Wall Street). 

And so if flows that they should set up camp in public parks, beat drums, create mounds of stinking garbage, smoke pot in public, scream at people who make money, break the law, ridicule Jews, demand we abolish the military, and just about everything else under the sun. 

Their focus (when there is a focus) is profoundly misplaced and oversimplified. Their mantra is "Corporate Greed!" as if these any one of these individuals would prove Milton Freidman wrong and be any less "greedy" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWsx1X8PV_A) if they became economically successful.

Here is a collection of videos and photos that depict a cross section of the OWS useful idiots. For openers, we have absolute, unabashed ridiculousness and stupidity.

Hand signals explained. (Get out a note pad and a pen. There are quite a few signals to learn!) The best "hand signal" is saved for the end. It'll be news to most folks!


This person has got some straightforward answers. Cliff notes: Whatever you want, put it out there. Oh, and don't forget to ask for someone to pay for it!


Here's a smart fella who seems to take his talking points quite seriously. Probably his most genuine response is, "Uuhhhhhh......"


Communists, college students, and  hippies, oh my!


A smorgasbord of "ideas." I'd say the highlight was the proposal to have a 100% cut in the military budget. Yup, that's right folks. No military (unless the military would come in and help out after natural disasters, in which case, there should only be an 80% cut.)


Oh dear. It's hard to know which clip in this group is more absurd. You decide!


Here's a video of folks involved in Occupy Salt Lake City. One guy promises to occupy the city until they change "everything." That's right! Everything!


Also in the category of "everything!" is what people are angry about. In this clip, among other things, there are complaints about student loans. As far as I know, graduating from college in debt, though not ideal, is not new. Am I missing something here? Did many of us not have student loans that we paid back after graduation?


There seems to be confusion among members about the direction of the movement. Should anarchy be embraced? Or not? Who knows? Meanwhile, violence erupts:


Jew-hatred is on full display and no one seems concerned. Nor is anyone speaking up (as was done post Tea Party events when the media cried "racism!" despite lack of evidence), about the need for OWS to repudiate and dissociate from any such negativity.






Meanwhile, the throngs of "occupiers" are creating and living in utter filth and, perhaps, disease:


Only when threatened with a massive government run clean-up that would evict them from the park did some start to clean up on their own. That's what it took. And Bloomberg bought it hook, line, and sinker and allowed them to stay:


As usual, capitulating to lunatics will come back to bite you. And it did. Although they got what they wanted, the protesters turned violent, anyway:



Naturally, the mainstream media is glorifying, romanticizing, and cheering things on. While they see fit to vilify the Tea Party, it is appealing for them to prop up a movement that is often characterized by filth, debauchery, bigotry, and the need for police intervention.

Donny Deutsch went so far as to wonder if the movement needs a Kent State-like image to crystallize things.

Deutsch also thinks the movement needs to mature, acknowledging that the sorts of folks who are participating don't have the same kind of gravitas as tea partiers. Ya' think?

While the New York Times seems to think that it is "aggressive" for the governor of Colorado to enforce the law.

Sharpton, of course, jumped into the fray, imploring members of the black community to join the movement. (Does this mean that, for the most part, black people have not participated thus far and, if so, does that suggest this movement has been racist?)


There are, of course, conflicting perspectives regarding certain events, such a member of the coast guard was spat on by someone who may have been part of Occupy Boston. Curiously, the media gave the leader of Occupy Boston a full interview where he claimed it was unlikely that the spitter was a member of their very peaceful, non-violent group. I don't seem to recall conservatives being given a platform in the mainstream media to counter Lewis's claim of being spat on last year. And in that case there was no evidence it even happened beyond his say so. (As an aside, the Coast Guard has sent out a warning for members to stay away from the location of where occupiers are camping out. Why? Has the Coast Guard they lost all sense of authority?)


In the Irony category, Occupy Boston caused the cancellation of a food drive and a local festival that benefits small business owners, two things one would think the occupiers support:


And who has stepped up to the plate to try to make up for the food drive's lost donations? You got it. Conservatives:


Profanity appears to be quite popular in this crowd. I'll spare you too many examples (and there are plenty to be had). Suffice it to say, there's a lot of F*** this, F*** that, F**** just about everything!


For those who can articulate why they're there, one wonders why they aren't demonstrating at the capitol. It's also interesting that a common chant is "people over profits," while many attending these events complain about lack of jobs, making no connection whatsoever between the need for profit in order to create jobs:


Maybe it's the drone of the drums that creates cognitive confusion:


A public school marching band even got co-opted into providing some percussion support:


Then there is the literal financial cost of dealing with this madness:


Stir all that craziness together in one pot, mix in the support of ruthless dictators around the world, add a hefty dose of encouragement from Barack Obama and Democrats, and you've got a great big mess. With no end in sight.


...we can all just get along. The Beer Summit without the beer:


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