'Occupy Boston' protestors gets a pass from local government on permits

Of course, no such courtesy was extended to tea party activists, which is par for the course in True Blue Massaschusetts but also a stunning demonstration of political partisanship by the locals. Boston Herald: Organizers of the Occupy Boston tent city in Dewey Square have never sought nor received any permits from the state, the city or the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, which controls the property. What do you think about the Occupy movement? Join in a live chat about Occupy Boston today on the Friday Throwdown. To avoid unrest, the Conservancy, like the city and Boston Police Department, has not booted the campers off the 1⁄2-acre plot. Conservancy chief Nancy Brennan called the makeshift campsite "an extraordinary situation" and said it would not pave the way to allow people to randomly "camp out" on the Greenway. "In addition to supporting free speech, we're aware that asking the protesters to leave will create conflict and significant expense," Brennan said. "Should...(Read Full Post)