Obama's 'tide of war' idiocy

When President Obama announced the withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq by the end of 2011 Friday, he said, "The tide of war is receding," and used this statement as justification for the decision to leave.

The statement is one of the most idiotic, misleading and just plain false statements Obama has made about the Middle East since he took office. There have been many others but this one stands out for its ignorance and duplicity.

The tide of war in the Middle East is most certainly not receding. It is exactly the opposite and this is in large part because of Obama's feckless foreign policy and refusal to stand up for American interests in the region and support American allies there.  Because of American weakness and intransigence, a large-scale conflagration involving many players is inevitable and this has to be placed on Obama's shoulders.

American respect and influence in the Middle East has been almost totally diminished since Obama took office.  All over the Middle East America's enemies are taking advantage of the vacuum that has been created and are busily preparing for war on a grand scale, against the United States, against Israel and against each other.  When Obama says "The tide of war is receding" and using that as justification to pull American troops out of Iraq he's really saying that he doesn't know what to do about the Middle East, that he's washing his hands of the place and that he's abandoning America's remaining friends and allies there, like Israel and Saudi Arabia.  He's also telling the world that he's willing to accept the rise of Islamism and Islamists throughout the region even though this threatens the national security of the United States itself because he doesn't know what to do about that either.

So the tide of war is receding is it?

Not in Iraq it isn't. The country is embroiled in sectarian and religious warfare which is only going to get worse once America leaves, and the government there could easily collapse as a result.

Not in Libya it isn't.  The country is about to be plunged into a bloody civil war now that there is no central authority holding it together.

Not in Egypt it isn't.  Ever since President Mubarak was driven from office Egypt has become more antagonistic to the United States and Israel, and that antagonism could easily lead to bloodshed and war in the foreseeable future.

Not in Syria it isn't.  Syrians are already fighting a brutal civil war, with the regime showing no signs of backing down and ending its vicious, pitiless repression.

Not in Iran it isn't.  Iran is close to becoming a nuclear power and is becoming more and more militaristic every day, especially towards Israel and the US but really towards everyone else in the region too, with results that are entirely predictable.

Not in Turkey it isn't. The Turks are turning away from the West and becoming more hostile and threatening as we speak.

Noin Gaza and the West Bank it isn't.  Palestinians are becoming bolder by the minute and another intifada is virtually a foregone conclusion.

Not in Israel it isn't.  Israelis are feeling very isolated and alone and may launch preemptive attacks as a matter of national survival, especially against Iran.

Not in Saudi Arabia it isn't.  The Saudis have been begging the Americans for years to rid the Middle East of the Iranian threat to them and everyone else.  They have come to the conclusion that America will do no such thing and have decided to defend themselves if necessary, even if that means nuclear war.

Not in Afghanistan it isn't.  The war there is ongoing and there can be no doubt that the country will implode once the United States leaves.

Not anywhere that Islamists and Islamism are rising to the fore it isn't, which is to say everywhere in the Middle East except Israel.  Islamists and Islamism are mortal enemies of the United States and their rise guarantees internecine warfare in the region and eventual war against the US.

For a President of the United States to say that "The tide of war is receding." is beyond idiotic, misleading, false, ignorant and blind. It is also very, very dangerous and severely compromises America's national security and way of life.  Obama is clearly unfit for office and the sooner he's drummed out of office the better.  Our survival depends on it.