Obama's foolish Libya war

Gaddafi said that he was the revolution when he took over from the original establishment.  If the naïve advocates for change throughout the world, think that he was such a monster, what do they think the new revolutionaries will be when they take over from Gaddafi? The new government has already declared Sharia law. As in Saudi Arabia, women will have no rights.  We've given the men democracy and constrained the women to misogynistic theocracy.  Good work Obama.

Murder is a much overrated way of changing government.  It is a bullying sword rather than the vote. The reins will pass from a dictator to Islamic caliphate. A revolution that starts in bloodshed ends in bloodletting.  Grabbing power is not a moral improvement.  It is a repetition of harsh ugliness. The revolutionaries have no respect for the rule of law.  They dragged Gaddafi's body around the streets of Sirte like it was a side of beef. If you can't respect the dead, how will you respect the living?

The fools in America think that getting rid of a dictator, Gaddafi, who abandoned his nuclear weapons and sold us oil, will be good for our country.   It makes no sense.  We should have left him in power and aided the Persian version of the Arab Spring in Iran to topple Ahmadinejad.

Obama accused Bush of fighting the wrong war in Iraq.  What about Obama's fighting the wrong war in Libya instead of Iran?

Obama doesn't realize that Gaddafi was a quasi-ally as Mubarak was a true ally.  The simplistic Obama likes change for change's sake.  He was elected on the vague concept of change. He doesn't care that his change changed us into a second rate nation and turned the Middle East into a tinderbox.

You can go to Harvard and still be a fool.  Just as you can drop out of college and be a genius like Steve Jobs, who considered Obama a one term president.

I haven't prayed since I was a kid and my prayers failed to save my grandmother from cancer. Right now I am saying a prayer that Obama is a one term president.