NY Times exculpates Hamas from Gaza rocket barrages against Israeli towns

Palestinian terrorists in Hamas-ruled Gaza broke a relative two-month calm on Oct. 26 and fired an advanced rocket deep into Israel.  While there were no physical casualties, tens of thousands of Israeli civilians endured the agony of blaring warning sirens that gave them only a few seconds to find shelter.  Children especially are traumatized by lingering psychological after-effects from such attacks. Israel, exercising its right to self-defense, retaliated with a precision drone strike on Oct. 29 against a terrorist cell responsible for the earlier missile attack on Israel and preparing to fire another round.  Five members of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad were killed, including a rocket commander. Gaza terrorists in turn unleashed a barrage of more than 20 rockets and mortar shells aimed at civilian populations in southern Israel, including Ashdod and Ashkelon.  An Israeli father was killed, a school was damaged and several Israelis were injured as hundreds...(Read Full Post)