New survey shows surprising strength for GOP in head to head matchup with Obama

The political research firm Evolving Strategies in conjunction with the polling firm YouGOv has conducted a national survey of three major GOP Presidentialcontenders in head to head match-ups with President Obama. In their survey, respondents were shown short video clips of President Obama speaking on the economy, and clips from a recent GOP debate where Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney did as well. The cross-tabs for the survey were also provided. The survey results indicated that Cain leads the GOP field with 28%, Romney follows with 20%, and Perry at 12%. However in head to head matchups with Obama, Romey runs best, leading by 7 points (40-33), Perry is next with a 6 point lead (42-36), and Cain third with a 1 point lead (35-34). Oddly, Obama led a generic Republican by 5%, but trails in all 3 head to head match-ups. In many other recent surveys, Obama trailed in the generic ballot against an unnamed Republican , but was even or led named opponents....(Read Full Post)