New survey shows surprising strength for GOP in head to head matchup with Obama

The political research firm Evolving Strategies in conjunction with the polling firm YouGOv has conducted a national survey of three major GOP Presidentialcontenders in head to head match-ups with President Obama.

In their survey, respondents were shown short video clips of President Obama speaking on the economy, and clips from a recent GOP debate where Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney did as well. The
cross-tabs for the survey were also provided.

The survey results indicated that Cain leads the GOP field with 28%, Romney follows with 20%, and Perry at 12%. However in head to head matchups with Obama, Romey runs best, leading by 7 points (40-33), Perry is next with a 6 point lead (42-36), and Cain third with a 1 point lead (35-34).

Oddly, Obama led a generic Republican by 5%, but trails in all 3 head to head match-ups. In many other recent surveys, Obama trailed in the generic ballot against an unnamed Republican , but was even or led named opponents. The number of voters who are undecided in an Obama-Cain race is higher for the other two GOP candidates. This result, confirmed in other polls, suggests that Cain is still not known to many voters, or they have not yet formed strong opinions on him, either way.