Michelle's photo-op at Target store was staged

It turns out that the AP photographer who snapped the photos was tipped off that Michelle Obama would be at the store, according to Yahoo:

Looks like Mrs. Obama's security threw on their street clothes to blend in because no suits with earbuds were spotted in the store.

Right outside of D.C. in Alexandria, VA, FLOTUS decided to grab a few things for 30-40 minutes with her assistant at the local Target. She was dressed in a floral button down, black pants, a Nike baseball cap, and shades. But of course, she was still somewhat noticeable. The Associated Press reported that Secret Service arrived 30 minutes before her and blended with the other customers. The only person who recognized the First Lady was her cashier!

In case you're wondering if it was really her, the White House confirmed it this afternoon saying,

"It is not uncommon for the First Lady to slip out to run an errand, eat at a local restaurant or otherwise enjoy the city outside the White House gates," said Kristina Schake, communications director for the First Lady.

CBS News reports the pics were snapped by an Associated Press photographer who says he was tipped off that she would be there. (emphasis added).

The fact that the White House tipped off a well known photographer about the "shopping trip" gives the lie to the WH statement that the First Lady likes to "slip out to run an errand." Stage managing this Precious Moment of supposed normalcy will do little to change the perception of the First Lady that she is a luxury loving social climber who looks down on the rest of us.

HT: Gateway Pundit