In Wash. Post, up is down, down is up, whatever suits its agenda

Ten days ago, the Quartet of international mediators -- the United States, the European Union, UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon, and Russia -- issued an "urgent appeal" to Israel and the Palestinian Authority to "resume direct bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without delay or pre-conditions." The Quartet laid out a fast timetable -- agreement on an agenda in one month, comprehensive proposals by both sides on territory and security within three months, substantial agreement on territory and security within six months and a final peace deal by the end of 2012. This remains the gist of the key, operative parts of the Quartet's statement.  Not difficult to understand, one would think, especially in light of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's repeated calls for immediate resumption of peace talks without pre-conditions, as the Quartet demands, and the Palestinians' insistence on two pre-conditions -- an Israeli building freeze in East Jerusalem and the West Bank...(Read Full Post)