How government interference in the economy is like a faulty GPS device

A recent trip to Chicago presented me with an analogy to the government's persistent interference in our free market economy. The car we drove was equipped with a GPS device we had never used before. As we left North Chicago, heading for Dayton, we programmed the GPS for the trip. I had my map from a previous trip. I saw that we weren't going to get along from the start. (I'll use the pronoun "she" for the device, as the mechanical voice was definitely feminine.) She wanted us to use I-94 south through town. I, from experience, knew that Lake Shore Drive was the less congested, and therefore, faster route. As we drove east toward the lake, she "reprogrammed" our route, and insisted that we turn right at every major intersection and head back west toward I-94. As we approached Lake Shore Drive, it appeared that she finally figured out where I was going, and suggested that we turn on Lake Shore Drive.  Wrong. At every major intersection, again, she insisted that we turn right...(Read Full Post)