How Can You Tell Which Ones are the Rats?

That was a commenter's entertaining response to the news that rats have overrun the Occupy Oakland encampment.

This comes on the heels of increasing reports of illegal drug and alcohol abuse, fighting, and sexual harassment in and around the camp of about 100 tents, [Oakland city administrator spokeswoman] Boyd said. 

...Graffiti, vandalism and public urination have continued to be a problem despite portable toilets installed by two local unions and a restaurant owner.

Dogs are prohibited in public parks but are nonetheless in the camp, and one man was nipped and his clothes torn by a pit bull that belonged to one of the Occupy Oakland campers.

The protest, now in its ninth day, still has no clear demands, much like the national movement of which it is a part.  Participants have named numerous complaints, most of them having to do with economic disparities and with corporate influence over government.

And the president endorsed the nationwide occupation movement.  As a career community organizer, these are Mr. Obama's "people" and their carnival sideshows are a tribute to his life's work.  Democrats must be so proud of these new spokespersons for their Party.