Former one-term House member sues over lost 'career'

So, this is what it's come to. A one-term Democratic House member jettisoned by his constituents in 2010 is suing campaign critics for "loss of livelihood."

From US News:

"When voters in Ohio's 1st Congressional District threw Democrat Steve Driehaus out of office after only one term, he did not bow out gracefully. No, he decided to get even. So he did what anyone does in today's culture: he sued somebody."

Driehaus sued the Susan B. Anthony List, a group that supports pro-life candidates for Congress, for "loss of livelihood."

We've all heard of career politicians, but, who knew that a single two year term entitled an elected official to a lifetime livelihood? It's remarkable that the same self-important politicians who enjoy the benefits and protections of incumbency and oppose term limits on the fiction that elections are term limiting can make so fatuous a claim.


"During the 2010 elections the Susan B. Anthony List engaged in a campaign to identify and call out a group of allegedly anti-abortion-rights members of Congress who provided the margin that allowed President Barack Obama's reform of the nation's healthcare system to get through the U.S. House of Representatives. The Susan B. Anthony List said their vote in favor of the law, which did not include any pro-life protections, amounted to a betrayal of their pro-life principles."

Judge Timothy S. Black of the U.S. district Court, an Obama appointee and former president and director of the Planned Parenthood Association of Cincinnati, is allowing the suit to go forward.

Apparently, in the age of Obama, telling the truth about politicians and the bills for which they vote has become actionable. In today's world and in Obama's courts, the First Amendment to the Constitution can be legally suspended over a simple difference of opinion, and that rejected liberal politicians should be indemnified from unfavorable election results.


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