Clothing Line for Communists

Obey Propaganda Co (, or Obey for short, has a clothing line that is perfect for this year's communists and anarchists who may be sleeping out in some cold weather at any number of OWS events. And while the cost of these fashionable clothes may be a bit high, it's for a good cause, right?  One shouldn't show up for a revolution without looking the part and what better way to say "F**** everything and everyone!" than to wear an outfit designed by Obey Propaganda. And if you have room in the tent and want to decorate, they have posters and wallpaper for sale, too, replete with all your favorite images (5-pointed star, fist in the air, and so forth)! Why they even have a link on their home page for "Propaganda." I couldn't resist! Here's a sample from one of their installations. And a few more pics from the Internet. And of course the message is cloaked in doing good around the world, an absolutely necessary hook for the truly dumb, if not also...(Read Full Post)