APB put out for Obama's teleprompter

Police in Richmond, VA have issued an All Points Bulletin for a truck carrying President Obama's teleprompter and other electronic equipment which was stolen from the hotel yesterday.


The vehicle was later recovered Monday afternoon in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn Express near the airport. Sources tell WWBT/NBC12 that law enforcement agencies were seen examining a white truck that was parked there.

There are no indications of whether equipment was taken from the truck.

"No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle. We take incidents such as this very seriously and a formal investigation is continuing," a Defense Information Systems Agency spokesperson told the news outlet.

No ransom demand for the teleprompter has been made as yet, but a source in the Richmond police department reports receiving a threat from an unknown caller who reportedly said, "Tell the prez that unless he gives the OWS demonstrators what they want, the TOTUS gets one right between the paddles."

White House aides considered canceling several events, worried that the lack of a teleprompter would make the president more incoherent than usual. But Obama bravely insisted that "the show must go on" and would ad lib if necessary. Panicked advisors talked about rigging a "Fail Safe" switch so that they could turn the sound off on the president's mike if, as expected, Obama began to stutter and stammer while losing his place. It is unknown if they were able to install the switch prior to the president's appearance.