Another Mainstream Media Reporter Turns Up the Heat on Holder

Are some in the mainstream media having an attack of conscience? CNN'S John King has joined CBS' Sharyl Atkisson in a quest for the truth about operation Fast and Furious. The ATF program  led to the deaths of two U.S. agents,  hundreds of Mexican civilians and was apparently so far  under the radar top government officials like Holder were in the dark until late spring 2011. Yes, the same Holder whose name appears on scores of emails sent in 2010. Now King has produced a March, 2011 CNN Espanol video of an interview with none other than President Obama stating he heard about Fast and Furious "on the news." Approximately 2 months before Holder's testimony on May 3 Obama directly contradicts his attorney general's contention he heard about the gun walking fiasco " for the first time a few weeks earlier." From CNN ESPANOL video, March 2011 on John King USA: BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: There have been problems, you know. I heard on the news about this...(Read Full Post)