What's wrong with America is that we didn't elect Al Gore president

No, really. This ignorant sot of a writer at The Hill, Brent Budowsky, posits some counterfactual or "alternative history" that bears no resemblance to reality: If Al Gore had won, for starters: Had Gore been briefed by intelligence officers as Bush was in August 2001 about terrorist planes attacking buildings, Gore would have put our services on red alert and might well have prevented 9/11. Even if 9/11 had happened: Gore would never have made the blunder of invading Iraq. Those American lives of troops KIA would have been saved. He would have focused on Afghanistan, which would have been won for keeps most likely by 2003. Many American lives of troops KIA in Afghanistan would also have been saved and our Afghan mission would have ended successfully long ago. Gore would never have done the Bush tax cuts. Therefore, many trillions of dollars would have been saved from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and from not doing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Instead of our current...(Read Full Post)