Forget about lower taxes, smaller government, national debt, abortion, media bias, the 2012 election, the failing economy, our failing schools, flash mobs, immigration, hurricanes.....

Because none of it -- none of it will matter -- if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon.

We will all be incinerated.

It's horrifying to think about. Who wouldn't want to look away?

But the reality is looming large on the horizon and gets closer by the day. Conflicting reports are released. Some say Iran is a year away from getting a nuclear weapon. Others say it may be three years away. But this way of thinking is madness! We know they are developing weapons and we know they're close. Isn't that enough? Are we waiting for a level of specificity that can only be known after it is already too late?

They're moving forward. They've already got enough enriched uranium to make six nuclear war heads.

And our President seems to care not.

Please call your elected officials and ask them to speak out against Obama's policy of appeasement. Contrary to what he says, we will not be able to live with a nuclear Iran.

And if you're feeling ambitious, consider calling every single member of congress by making a few calls a day.

What are we waiting for? The time is now. In truth, the time to act was yesterday.