Rapper apologizes for anti-military words that 'got the best of me'

Help! I've been captured by language and I can't escape!

That's basically the excuse given by some fellow who calls himself "Soulja Boy" whose anti-military "lyrics" to one of his recent "songs," "Let's be Real," raised a ruckus on the internet.

"Let's Be Real" lyrics include, "F--k the FBI and the army troops ... fighting for what? Be your own man..."

Retired Marine and current LA County Veteran's Advisory Commissioner Fred A. Flores demanded an apology from the "ungrateful" artist.

"It's a very offensive statement... especially with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 coming up," he told TMZ. "He should apologize to ALL armed forces."

Which he did - after a fashion. Mr. Boy was apparently seized by that well known terrorist group - the English Language - and after desperate attempts to escape the villain's clutches, was forced to give in to its unreasonable demands:

In an essay on GlobalGrind.com, he writes: "As an artist, I let my words get the best of me. Sometimes there are things that we feel, things that we want to express, and when we put them on paper and speak them out loud, they can come out wrong. When I expressed my frustration with the US Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them. So, I write this to give my sincerest apology to all members of the United States military services, as well as their families that were offended by my most recent lyrics."

In Mr. Boy's defense, I have also found myself a prisoner of the terrorists in the E.L. but managed to avoid his fate. Maybe I was just lucky. Maybe I had God on my side.

Maybe Mr. Boy is an anti-military moonbat without the courage to stand by his convictions.